Sawfish Laser Services

Based in South Leicestershire, SAWFISH LASER provides you with a QUALITY, MADE-TO-ORDER laser cutting and engraving service.

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, combined with GREAT COMMUNICATION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL ensures your ideas and projects come to life.

Whether you are looking for a CUSTOM item, something with a PERSONAL TOUCH or just some BASIC shapes, Sawfish will provide the QUALITY you expect with a FAST turn-around. Where appropriate, you will receive draft images for your APPROVAL with an opportunity to revise or amend.

Welcome are CUSTOM orders, and we will be happy to give you help and advice, including a DESIGN service as well as a COMPETITIVE price. Simply send a message or call using the details below. You will need to have an idea of SIZE, QUANTITY and MATERIAL before receiving a quote.


Your orders can be made at any size within 600x400x6mm (60x40x0.6cm or 23.6x15.8x0.2inches) from a wide range of materials including; ACRYLIC (genuine Perspex, where possible) in clear, transparent, opaque, gloss, frosted (Matt), mirror, laminated, metallic or glitter finshes), a wide range WOOD - POPLAR or BIRCH PLYWOOD, Laser-Grade Medite MDF or real wood VENEERED MDF with a choice of OAK, ASH, CHERRY, PINE, BLACK WALNUT, BEECH and MAPLE.

All our products are protected on at least one side with masking tape to virtually eliminate burn marks giving a great clean finish perfect for painting or using as it is. Engraving is crisp and clean.


Laser cutting/engraving requires a flat surface or a rotation tool that allows the laser to remain at a fixed focal point from the material. This focal point (the laser beam is focused via a lens) means that the cut edges have a very small, taper.

There are three functions of the laser cutter - CUTTING, ENGRAVING and MARKING.

Cutting is obvious. Engraving and Marking are two methods to create an image on the material. Engraving is much like printing - the laser moves left to right, creating a solid, or lined image. Marking is a cut line that doesn't go right through but unlike engraving, the laser follows a line instead of the left to right motion. Marked images must always be composed of lines, not solid shapes.

Cutting and Marking are much faster, and therefore cheaper than Engraving.


Just contact and for an expert, friendly and helpful reply.